Bronc Ride

Wonder what it’s like to ride a bronc? Saddle up on ours – a lifesize model modified from training bulls used by rodeo riders. Don’t worry, you won’t be thrown off, but you will get to download a 10-second “movie” of yourself looking like a real rodeo champion. We’ll capture your ride on video and composite it with old-style rodeo footage. After your ride, a ticket prints out with a unique password. Visit our website after noon the next day and download your one-of-a-kind movie to your computer. If you “ride the bronc” over the weekend, please retrieve your ride on Monday.

Did you already complete your ride? Hold on, Before you leave, be sure to view the early bronc riding saddle and accompanying history of women’s bronc riding.

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No matter where you turn, you’ll see plenty to remind you of women who thrived on challenge and competition: rare photographs, posters, costume pieces and trunk-like cases filled with artifacts. Take your time. The more you look, the more you’ll see.

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